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1997/1998 Ms. Fitness World!


Darby Hart is no stranger to fitness. With roots in fitness dating all the way back to her adolescence, Darby’s grip on fitness and nutrition is firm. Having captured the Ms. Fitness World title in 1997/1998, Darby ranks among the top female fitness athletes of the era, with numerous accomplishments and titles to her credit. She’s certified in Personal Training and Aerobics, and is an accomplished former Taekwondo National Sparring Champion. Darby has appeared on such network television giants as ESPN and FOX, and recently was a guest on The Jenny Jones Show. Most of us have seen her incredible physique gracing the cover of magazines like Ms. Fitness and NFPT’s Personal Trainer Magazine.


Enjoy your visit, and let Darby know what you think about the site and what you’d like to see. In the future Darby would like to sell her tapes, pictures and diet advice on this site. So, tell Darby which pictures you like and what you’d like to see available for purchase on Darby Hart.com.